Super Sweet 16

I was looking through my pictures this week and I came upon something I had done earlier in the summer.  I photographed my little brother and his twin sister’s 16th birthday party at the local country club.  A lot of kids came out, and they had a great time dancing the hours away while the parents got tipsy.  Well, not all of the parents, but a good amount, and I had trouble choosing between the two rooms.  In one you have a bunch of silly little kids (  kids=laughs ), and in the other you find rowdy parents ( alcohol+parents+dancing=hilarity ).  So I had a great time anywhere I went. 













The Birthday boy.


the Birthday girl (on the left).


The proud Parents.  btw, it took forever and a day to get my mom to flash a good smile.  She doesn’t do well posing for pictures, so you have to make her to laugh to get a smile like this one.


The youngest (Scott) is a future camera whore.  He will have no problem being famous.


Danny.  19 years old now. He is way cool, a real mellow guy.


Right after this was taken, all his friends lifted Mitch onto their shoulders and carried him around.  good stuff.


I really like her smile in this one.  They had two great cakes because they can’t share anything.  His cake was better.


the party room.


Dancing the hours away.


I just like this one.


OK, so I have seen this kid in the middle grow up, and this is funny because this girls was considered by most to be “morally lenient” and if his parent ever saw this, it would be the end of his social life.  Here’s to you Paul Lakatos, because every dog has his day.


The birthday twins came out big winners, as each kid brought them a gift, and with 30+ kids, they made a killing.  big parties are where its at for kids. 

attention future parents: if you want to save money on Christmas and Easter, load up the roster and you little ones birthday!  You can say that they did so well, they got enough till next year.  You can do that if you want your kids to grow up hating the holidays, but it might actually work.  get back to me if you or anyone you hear about tries that, I want results people!

Please don’t anyone try that.

So in all this was a great experience for everyone.  I had a great time.  Till next year.

3 responses to “Super Sweet 16

  1. p. lakatos

    my mom googled me and found that picture. she sent me a nasty email (we dont talk too much) about how my future employers would see it. i told her i dont care, and to stop googling me.

    every dog does have his day.

  2. Paul Lakatos

    My name is Paul Lakatos, not exactly a popular name is it? Paul that is, a little 60’s… anyhow i must say that the picture of Paul dancing and “having his day” looks nothing like me, as for mum googling my name, mum wouldnt know the first thing about using a pc… anyway just thought i would add this to confuse the hell out of you all.. Hoipe your all well..


    Paul Lakatos…UK….

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