Live Your Life

I promise this blog

will get better.

But for now,


writing will be concise

to the point,

and only


to provide commentary on the photography.


to be honest,

to be frank,

I really only post to share.

and my words don’t always

hold the same meaning

as images do.

so here you have it,


Boston. North End, 2007.


Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. Washington D.C. Summer, 2007.


Biking to class. Chico, California. Spring 2007.

the hustle

Interaction. Chinatown D.C. Summer 2007.


Kylee Lollis. Jazz in the Park. Washington D.C. Summer 2007.

Samantha Soller, a grape, and Jazz in the Park. D.C. Summer 2007.


D.C. Metro. Summer 2007.


Brian Michelsen. Lisa’s Birthday on the River. Chico, California. Spring 2007.


Maintaining West Coastness at the US Supreme Court. Washington D.C. Summer 2007.


Getting Cultured, for Hurog, Pek, and those who are not quite Lebanese. D.C. Summer 2007.


My shout out to Christopher Morris. Clarence Thomas. Summer 2007.

Kylee Lollis and cigar at the Supreme Court steps, with the Capitol in back. D.C. Summer 2007.

Public Sleeper. Downtown D.C. Summer 2007.


Lara Turci. Metro Blue Line. Summer 2007.

Thanks to those of you who regularly read/check this blog out.

It means a lot to know that I can share my life like this,

especially with so many family and friends.

Till we speak again.

6 responses to “Live Your Life

  1. Morgan Zealear

    Daring Dave!

    What a trip man, I’m so glad you posted this. I’m definitely saving this url and bothering you more often. Sick photos, bro. It’s funny, pictures always seem to be the same shit, but yours, never. Thanks for the fre-fre-errre-FRESH! Let me know next you’re south, sold my car to pay for summer… stranded sucks.


  2. loved this post.. bustin it wide and close son!

    glad to see DC is treating you well.. love that shot of clarence thomas with his palm up, such great space..

    and yeah.. tribute to morris!!! i called tha be4 seeing your caption!

    fav frame has to be the tribute to armenia though.. SEXY TIME BANG BANG!

    cant wait for you to experience the REEEEAL jazz in the park @ wash sq.

    peace brotha

  3. becky lollis

    I loved the picture you had on here of kylee’s profile with the cigar. Is there any chance I could get a copy of it? I would like to give it to her for Christmas.

    thanks so much,

    Becky Lollis

  4. Amjad

    nice pictures. can u tell me plz what kind of camera u used ?


  5. Mark Doody

    Dave, I must say I am very impressed with all your work here, Keep up the fantastic work

  6. John Draper

    I have a freelance photo assignment TODAY in Chico. $200. Are you available?

    — john draper, Labor Ready

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