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Questions! and Countdowns?

Just want to get back on the horse and broadcast some things.

some old debates, some ridiculous questions;

Can you sweat in space?

What is “real” cheese?

How are the likes of Jimmy Kimmel and Carlos Mencia still on the air?

jimmy is a cheesedick and carlos is a hack no-talent ass clown. but they also make more money that I do so who the hell am I but a talking box of common sense and good taste?

So here are the two great ones:

both involve animals.

1.Would you rather get attacked by an Eagle with a baseball bat, or a baby elephant with cleats. swallow that one down.

2. Who would win? A Grizzly Bear or a Silver back Gorilla? Power V. Resourcefulness.


feel free to post answers or reactions, I actually want to know about the people who read this blog.

lets make it interactive.


oh, and I might be able to get to some photos later.

So. . .

Here I /we go:

You can’t sweat in space because you can’t exist. next.

real cheese come from dairy not a factory, oh and happy cows. moving on.

And I would like to get some good input/ arguments for the 2 big ones.

Here are the top musical lists, I’ll get to other things at a later date.

My top 5:

Musical Artists that had the greatest influence on my life

5.Counting Crows


3.Red Hot Chili Peppers

2.Led Zeppelin


Top 5 Albums

5. Led Zeppelin IV- Led Zeppelin

4 MTV Unplugged- Alice in Chains

3. Morning View- Incubus

2.Blue Album- Weezer

1. Animal Magic- Bonobo

Top 5 Songs (in terms of Influence)

Honorable Mentions-

*Under the Bridge- Red Hot Chili Peppers

* Aqueous Transmission- Incubus

5. Juicy- The Notorious B.I.G.

4. Castles Made of Sand- Jimi Hendrix

3.My Name is Jonas- Weezer

2.Silver- Bonobo

1. God’s Bathroom Floor- Atmosphere

Top 5 Hip Hop Artists

5. Outkast

4. Fugees

3. The Pharcyde

2. Notorious B.I.G.1. 2pac

That one also answers the questions Biggie V. 2pac and Pharcyde V. Fugees.

Top 5 who are no longer with us

5. Marvin Gaye

4. Jim Morrison

3. Elliot Smith -really miss this guy.

2. Bob Marley

1. John Lennon

Top 5 Classic Rock

5. Jimi Hendrix

4. Fleetwood Mac

3. Bob Dylan

2. Led Zeppelin

1. The Beatles

That’s about enough for now.

So I have a grip of photos from last summer that I’m just gonna lay on this update, hope you enjoy.

Lightning storm over NYC, view from the Dalei in Brooklyn. great times at Craig and P’s place.

Lemme take you back to Boston. . .

Hello jm3, it was cold as shit that day. bone-chilling cold.

Love the S series in the snow. lu lu luuuuuuve it.

North End, Union Wharf, Boston. Spring 2007.

View from J’s roof, would have hated to be that guy. Boston, 2007.

This is a special graveyard. . . ūüôā Boston, 2007.

Back to NYC.

My spot at the oval in Central Park.

This guy was all about his dog, they ran around forever.

Good Ol’ fashioned stickball, true NYC culture.

Brooklyn Angels.

It really is that green.

and that really is a dead rat on Ten Eyck Street, Brooklyn NY. This is my homage to jm3. shit on the ground.

somewhere in the village, NYC. jeeezus. . .

Speaking of the village, here is one of hipsters. nuff said.

Loved using the 24-70. I need one. eventually.

Matt modeling the Red Alert Fall line of shades.

The end of a great day.

Ground Zero.


back to Brklyn.

Her- “I think the Shins don’t get enough credit” huh? whatever, she was cool. and P is. . . well he’s just P.

Rob “red alert” August in all his glory

two tall ass mofo’s.

So I leave you on a happy note. One ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Hope you enjoyed, I’ll have another up soon.

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Marlon’s Wedding


I’ve finally had some time to sit down and sort through my photos.¬† I’m now looking through stuff I should gone through 8 months ago.¬†

anyway, over the summer I had the opportunity to assist my¬†best friend Julius (JMIII) (¬†for a wedding.¬†¬† Julius’ friend¬†since childhood Marlon, was getting married and Julius agreed to be the photographer.¬† It was great working for Julius, because¬†he told me exactly what he wanted, and I kinda knew how to get¬†it for him.¬† He wanted to shoot the wedding in a photo-journalistic style, not your nomal¬†posed and prepped style.¬† We did have formal¬†shots that are essential to wedding photography, but we were also¬†taking photos the entire time we were there.¬† In most of the shots I¬†took, I didn’t ask anyone to pose.¬† Julius wanted a natural, personal feel to our work, so to achieve that we went in a different direction.¬†

I have to say, this was one of the greatest learning experiences of my life.¬† To give a little background, I’m a very hands-on type of person.¬†¬†Telling me how to do something will get different results from showing me how to do something or letting me figure it out.¬† That is precisely what I had to do.¬† I had to figure it out.¬† Julius gave me minimal guidelines that acted more as recommendations, never restricting me from¬†what I thought was best.¬† I basically was on my own for most of the day, making my own judgements about each situation that arose.¬†

It was my first time working a wedding, and it felt great to have the amount of autonomy that I was allowed.¬†¬†The freedom allowed me to work under pressure and¬†even better, to learn from my mistakes.¬† I learned more about photography¬†from the¬†mistakes I made that day than all my days of photo class combined.¬† The reason for that is due to the practical knowledge I obtained, the stuff¬†they simply can’t teach in a classroom because it can only be found by¬†practicing in the real world.¬† I can’t really thank him enough for letting me tag along.

Well, below are the¬†photos I thought¬†came together to create a¬†good photo story or photo¬†essay.¬† I am really proud of how they turned out,¬†(thanks to Julius for that, he did all of the editing)¬†I consider these (as a whole) to be some of the best work I have ever produced to date.¬† The reason I say that is because I felt that I actually¬†became part of the events, or part of the wedding.¬† I wasn’t just the photographer, a random observer, I was involved in every shot.¬† Nothing felt awkward or obtuse, the people in the pictures felt so comfortable with me that I became part of their natural surrounding.¬†

For me that was what I was most nervous about before the wedding.  That for some reason or another, I thought I would come off as awkward or imposing to the people I was trying to photograph.  Part of that most likely grew out of the fact that I only knew the groom, and only as an acquaintance through Julius.  But that changed the moment I met everybody.  They welcomed me to share in the experience of the wedding, and then everything went smooth from there on.  All in all it was a great experience, I am so glad I went.

So here they are:





and the ring is?

first kiss






So there you have it.  My first Wedding Assignment.  But it turned out to be much more than that.  I took away much more from that experience that I could ever give back to them.  I just hope the happy couple is pleased, I have yet to hear any feedback from them

Till next time, I’ll see ya when I see ya.

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