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Big Ups to Brklyn? naw, its Pasadena son.

Well its great to be back in Chico.

I think.

The next couple of posts will be from last semester,

as well as late summer

and over the holiday break.

I just got some film back from the lab,

to which I am pleased with greatly.

getting film back never gets old.

its like little mini Christmas’,

seeing frames for the first time in months, maybe years is a special moment.

Well, here they are,



this is morgan. he likes tequila.


he loves the Packers and the Farve.


he is nice man.


hers is the one and only dylan, more of him to come much later.


The next few are from early in the Fall 07 Semester.

I took a trip down the Feather river just outside of Chico with Nick Osti and friends.

It was a great day.

This is only Part I, the pre-party.


The myth, the man, the laugh, the rhymes, the Frosti.












The next is a little party sequence.



More to come from that day soon, but not in this post.

I will end this on a rediculous display from Orange County.

These are real speed bumps.


over 7 feet long and 15 inches high.

I took this one from the curb level.


oh, and this last photo.



Gotta run. more to come.

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Days of Summer

Gonna drop one on ya.

just a little bit.

just ta see if you like it. . .

right Caroline?

a few tips first.¬† ūüėȬ† pun intended.

wake up earlier, its rewarding.

listen to CRS, Justice, Air, Cinematic Orchestra, Portugal The Man, and Rogue Wave and Jose Gonzales.

drink less.

drink more. who was I kidding?

Watch Weeds, The Office, Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia, The L Word, and of course, Entourage.

Keep up on current events, balances you and keeps you from being a zombie to one aspect of your life. 

Screw it, watch anything HBO has to offer. Especially in the next five years.

Go to Vegas at least once a year.

explore the outdoors around you,

investing in a DVR or TIVO is like diversifying your life portfolio.

ride a bike or walk if you can. LA is the exception.

Never give homeless people money.

Give them food,

gift certificates to someplace they can get food,

or give them your attention.

Not all problems can be solved with money.

but what do I know.

here are some frames ya little rascals.


Thanks Erin.




Missing DC a bit. or at least the friends I made there. Be back at the end of Oct.


Miles Lavin everybody.


Playing softball in front of the capitol was amazing.


played with a former Congressman, Rep. Istook.



. . .

real mature Rondell. . .

Now for some VT deep cuts.








That place changed me for the better.

Now some hometownchicoshots.

















“I get by with a little help from my friends” – Ringo Starr.


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Trekkin’ Humboldt

This is also waaaaaaay past due.

There is a theme here folks.

These are some deep cuts from early this year.

A backpacking trip

into the wilderness

of Humboldt County.

My group was dope,

our food was amazing

and we went a distance of something

around 19 mile in two days

with full packs.

I had a great time.

We walked through swampy marshes

where the water was up to my waist. 

Saw some elk, went through a redwood rainforest that made wish I had some color slide film.  Seriously, every damn thing in that forest was green.  Loved every minute of it.

After the trip the four of us went to get some food at Round Table.  We had been sitting in the car for about a half hour when we pulled up to get some grub. 

All of our muscles were so sore from being abused on the trail that it took us 5 minutes to get into the restaurant from the car.  A majority of that time for me was spent just getiing out of that car, my frickin legs felt like they were locked place.

There we are limping like old people going to Country Kitchen for the early bird specials, and we just all kind of looked at each other and laughed.  Because at that point, we were tired, hungry, and sleep deprived, so we just laughed.

So it was great, I’m glad I went.

Although waking up and being wet from the morning dew blew.

but I digress.

here are some personal favs,



near Whiskeytown USA.


heartland of California.

















big ups to Hillary, Jake and Travis.

till next time.

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Technical Wilderness


I said last post that

this next post would

have some

olde stuffe.


it will.

I have some frames

from Humboldt


Virginia Tech

that I’ve never posted.

that is also why I love film.

Getting it back from the lab

if half the magic.


I am.



on the way. Northern California, 2007.

Orchards. on the way to Humboldt. 2007.

Lone hiker. Beach swamp plains. 2007.

Foliage. 2007.

the cast. 2007.  This is how you take roll in an outdoor education class.
wading. the best part of the trip. 2007.


hands that heal. hope. VT, 2007.

Students trying to get back to normal after the tragedy and the media frenzy. VT, 2007.

People brought animals to VT to help people cope with loss. VT, 2007.


another therapy dog. VT, 2007.

Ashley Gebb. Las Vegas airport/ the return home. 2007.

Thanks to all the people who read/view this.

Live Your Life.

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The Best of Whats Around


Really don’t


like writing


whole lot this time.

Congrats to my Cousin Amy Lerseth and her husband Brian.

She just recently gave birth to twin boys.

I wish their family the best.


They must be the proudest parents. It gonna be “active” in a couple of years in that household.

And here are some other frames I’ve made over the past year, including some recent ones in DC.

Red Line. open your eyes. DC, Summer 2007.

crippled homeless man. DC, early morning. Summer 2007.

Brian almost caught this one. The river,Chico CA. Spring 2007

Boston, near City Hall. Spring 2007.

Morning cleanup crew. DC. Summer 2007.

The “boot”. I mentioned this in an earlier post this year. Early Spring, 2007.

Players that win the game drink beer from the boot in celebration. most get sick soon after.


This photo almost got me arrested.

Notice the cop walking towards me.

I didn’t see him, so he ran after me down the street, and forced to show ID, where he called in my information to be put into a database.

I fully protested, stating that photography was not a crime, which it is not, nor it ever should be, and he told e that times have changed.

He may be right, but that still makes him a complete tool. It was a damn shame.

Had he asked me for my card I would have resisted, and then we would have had a real problem.

What happened wasn’t right, and I hope something changes soon.

Ben Franklin famously said “Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety”

I could not agree more.

I am not a terrorist. Photography is not terrorism.

moving on.

construction site. DC. Summer 2007.


DC imitating Gotham City. Summer 2007.

bridge.jpg Bridge near Adams Morgan/Zoo. DC. Summer 2007.


Union Station, DC. Summer 2007.


Clay Lightfoot. DC. Summer 2007.


Dog on a piano. Virginia Tech. Spring 2007.

More from VT and a Humboldt camping trip next time.

Live Your Life.


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The Vice Issue + Fight Night

First off, I want to congratulate my best friends Matt Craig, for his acceptance into THE intern position (meaning there is one ONE) at VII photo agency (check it out), and Julius Metoyer, who is graduating from Emerson in a couple of weeks, then heading to LA to shake up the world. 

They are both on their way.  And they both deserve everything they have achieved.

Again, congrats gentlemen.

And on to the blogging. . .

The Orion entertainment section decided to run a special Vice issue a couple weeks back.

They concentrated on the 7 deadly sins.








For each of these aforementioned sins came an article.

I picked up the pride and sloth articles.

For some reason, sloth was about salons, or people who have other people do things for them.

Pride was about tattoos.




She was getting the snake redone.


Bar-B, the main piercer at Alley Tats.


About to pierce the tongue, they mark the dot with a pen, clamp down and have at it..


I went to the place I usually get my hair cut, and my main damie Hilda (who cuts my hair) was down to have some pictures taken.


This week was also the start of the Farmer’s Market, every Thursday the city of Chico shuts down Broadway street and hols an open air market. The event draws about 10,000 people every week.

Most families attend to let their kids enjoy the festivities. Bounce houses, food, entertainers, and others family oriented activities are there for the children to enjoy.



This mother and son were enjoying the new chess table facilities at the park. They used wood chips and leaves for pieces.


This is also an event that all of the pre-teen and teen kids and Chico can go to hang out with their friends. You can see all sorts of high school kids, from the “I want to smoke cigs in public” type, to the “I can’t wait to graduate and go to Chico State” to even the “I wish I wasn’t here with my parents” group.¬† At some point in our lives, we were all there.¬† Most of us just aren’t from Chico.

Just can’t wait to grow up, get pregnant and develop a substance dependency.


Anyway. . .

This week is Fight Night in Chico.

The Orion did a profile on a guy who is 4-o in previous fight night fights. I was lucky enough to get the assignment.  He ended up being 5-0 in a close fight decided by a point or two.









Catch ya on the flipside.

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Shipping up to Boston, Emmitt Vickers, and Teenieboppers

I recently went to Boston for Spring Break.

It was cold.

Not just the west coast, “I’m chilly”¬† type.¬† But the miserable, “I gotta wrap myself up in a friggan’ cocoon or I’ll die” kind of cold.

Also not a popular “spring break” destination.

Most people go to Daytona, Cancun or other places near the beach.

Someone told me, “People don’t vacation in Mexico for spring break, they rent Mexico”

I thought that was pretty true.

So I left Cali (which was having perfect weather) and arrived into Beantown for one of the largest snowstorms in a couple months.

At first I loved it.

It was a life change. I’m not used to the snow and cold, so initially I was stoked that I was in Boston and it was snowing outside.

I walked around, got acquainted with Boston and the weather.

That was great for a couple of days, but during my 12 day stay in Boston, I began to understand why my friends don’t like the snow/rain.

For starters, waiting for the T in the rain and the snow is the worst.

Nothing I did in that city was worse than that, nothing affected my happiness so negatively as that.

Also, I experienced “wet snow” and it felt like it was snowing and raining at the same time.

That sucked.

But other than that, Boston was amazing, I went to a lot of bars/pubs, met some incredibly brilliant individuals, and brought the movie, “Funny Games” to the East coast. Most of my Days were consumed by street photography, I walked around Boston for hours upon hours, soaking in the charm of New England, if you can call it that.

I got to hang out with my best friends for almost two weeks, I’ll take that over a weekend in Cancun any day.

Shout outs, to the Sweetwater crew, the chick at the pool place, not paying for the T, Falafel King, Julius’ roof, Ronnie and his crew, Jen K,

Julius came to pick me up in a Zip car, an hourly rented car, a Mini none the less.


It started to snow on the ride back too.

Props to him for that, he really needs to go with the R32 though. Its just better.


I mostly shot with film, so I’ll have to wait a while to get those back from the Lab, trust me, there will be a huge upload one of these days.

I can’t wait.

anyways, the few shots I liked from Boston.


-Italians in the North End-

I mostly saw dapper businessmen and street hustlers, as well as the normal foot commuter: the average residents of Boston living the everyday life. People kept asking me if I thought that people from California were more laid back than their East Coast counterparts.

I said yes every time.
“Everyone’s laid back, but no one can sit still” Slug describing Los Angeles.

That pretty much sums it up.

Its probably because we don’t have to ride the T everyday.

I can’t imagine having to do that; they get packed, hot and humid in the summers, and people do smell those things up pretty quickly. Everyday for years would be too much.

When I got back to Chico, I immediately started to work on stuff for the Orion. The next stuff is an assignment for our features department about recreation alternatives for senior citizens. They did all sorts of activities that were both fun and engaging, from stretching to Nerf hockey and balloon volleyball.


-stretching with yarn-

The fellow I focused on was Emmit Vickers, an old pitcher from Florida.

here he is.


Emmitt was trying to impress all of the younger ladies from Chico State that came as a class to help the older adults. He wanted to show them what a real man looked like, and those were his exact words.






I really enjoyed meeting him.

Here are two from a Battle of the Bands I shot.

*Note- all these kids are around 15 years old.



And lastly, a random shot of Chicago.


I’m gonna have another upload real soon.

Catch ya on the flipside!

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