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Days of Summer

Gonna drop one on ya.

just a little bit.

just ta see if you like it. . .

right Caroline?

a few tips first.¬† ūüėȬ† pun intended.

wake up earlier, its rewarding.

listen to CRS, Justice, Air, Cinematic Orchestra, Portugal The Man, and Rogue Wave and Jose Gonzales.

drink less.

drink more. who was I kidding?

Watch Weeds, The Office, Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia, The L Word, and of course, Entourage.

Keep up on current events, balances you and keeps you from being a zombie to one aspect of your life. 

Screw it, watch anything HBO has to offer. Especially in the next five years.

Go to Vegas at least once a year.

explore the outdoors around you,

investing in a DVR or TIVO is like diversifying your life portfolio.

ride a bike or walk if you can. LA is the exception.

Never give homeless people money.

Give them food,

gift certificates to someplace they can get food,

or give them your attention.

Not all problems can be solved with money.

but what do I know.

here are some frames ya little rascals.


Thanks Erin.




Missing DC a bit. or at least the friends I made there. Be back at the end of Oct.


Miles Lavin everybody.


Playing softball in front of the capitol was amazing.


played with a former Congressman, Rep. Istook.



. . .

real mature Rondell. . .

Now for some VT deep cuts.








That place changed me for the better.

Now some hometownchicoshots.

















“I get by with a little help from my friends” – Ringo Starr.


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West Coastin’

About a month ago I finished finals.

Packed my things

and left Chico

I had a really nice trip planned

to see some family and friends


Santa Cruz

Pebble Beach

Santa Barbara




it was a great little trip

wish I could have made it longer

but those I didn’t see

on the way down

I will hopefully see on the

way up.

here are some images from along the way.

this is MARSHALL, my little cuz, and his dad Brian.


I also met up with my Uncle Lou, who drives a Morris Minor these days.¬† Don’t feel like explaining it so just google it, it’ll be worth your time.


We had just picked up his dog from Petco.

In Santa Cruz, I met up with Fabi and Jenny, good friends from way back.

They live in an amazing part of the city, and we spent the better part of two days either driving around the cliffs, or drinking.

They had a fun social group, I felt pretty at home in SC. savy.jpg

Jenny on the right, the young lady’s name on the left eludes me.¬† nice glass.

Jenny’s hermit crab.¬† Lets call him clarence, even though that most likely not his name.
Fabi’s room.¬† much dancing there was.


love it.

After Santa Cruz I headed down to see my lovely cousin Suzie.  I took a few frames of her driving the very same Chevy she drove in high school.

She even let me drive it, its quite different zen ze audi.  handled like a damn tank, but man did I feel good driving that car.

The car suits her so well, she knows everything about it too.  But the transportation she really likes is her  Harley.  Love that she cruises on a hog.

oh, and she would want to say “God Bless America”

so there it is.

This story will continue at a later date, I just want to put this out.

ENJOY this lasty one, I did.

Hail to the Chief.

For those Dena heads, check out my shirt.  That means you Kyle.

Catch ya on the flipside.

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Snoop-A-Loop, a Birthday, and Polish Horseshoes

Train rides are long. 

The one I had was longer than I have ever traveled before.  Plane rides to Europe from LA are not this long.

15 and 1/2 hours to get to Santa Barbara from Chico.¬† I’m not making that up.

The train was scheduled to leave Chico at 3:50 am Thursday morning, which I had no problem with because I could just crash on the train.  That was not to be.

Due to the heavy rains in Seattle that week, and part of the tracks coming apart in Oregon, the train was delayed 4 hours.  Finally getting on at 8, I was beat tired and crashed hard, and woke up in Oakland 5 or 6 hours later. 

I met a man on the train named Robert Wright in the dining car.  We got to talking and I found out that he is a photographer.  Cool right?  The catch is that he is mostly (legally) blind.

Serious?  check out the link.  he created a site for anything an everything, but most importantly he created a table for every photographic condition possible to get the perfect capture.  I was amazed.  He said it took him years to do it.  He has been published all over the world, been on national news programs, and even does NBA games from time to time.

Quite an amazing individual.

I eventually arrived in downtown SB, met Mike Acuna, and then went straight¬†to the bars.¬† Mike’s parents were there, and partied pretty hard.¬† We had Irish¬†car bombs, tequila shots.¬† We hopped around a little bit, the Ellen and I ended up going shot for shot until the bar closed.¬†¬† It was great to see everyone, it had been months.

We went back to the guys house after the bars to see Toby.¬† I had told him I wasn’t coming, and he bought it.¬† So to surprise him, I laid him out in a perfect tackle during his beer pong game.¬† It was rad, I know¬†Coach Bonds would have been proud, then ate something.

I had one of the best weekends of my life. 

I’ve really been lucky this year.¬† I don’t go out much in Chico (maybe once every two weeks), but the times I traveled to Vegas and SB this Fall¬†are going to stay with me forever.¬†¬†

Friday night was the big party.  So we all spent the day cold chillin.  Frisbee golf, Polish horseshoes, and Smash.   

Then at night the big party went down.  These are just some of the pictures I took and liked the most, the rest will go up on Facebook.


the always lovely Ellen.




The birthday boy.


The Jory.


Love the face Nicole.   right through the screen window.


Took this moment he turned 21.


I love this one.

A grip of friends, a Jagerator, two kegs, and a wet t-shirt contest.


Gotta give it to the girls, it was pretty damn cold that night, and water from the hose isn’t heated.¬†¬† They all went in the hot tub after to warm up.¬† Turned into a little hot tub party as others joined them. Right on.

It was fun times had by all.  One of the best parties I have ever been to.

Saturday we did the IV Loop.¬† For Toby’s birthday, we went to every place in Isla Vista that sold alcohol (barring liquor stores).¬† It was so much fun, we rolled 20 deep, and took over everyplace (except Gio’s).

The IV Loop: 

1.Super Cucas—–Mexican Beer

2.Javan’s———-Bud Light Pitchers+Beer Hockey

3.Woodstocks—–Lunch+32 of Bud Light

4.Cali Roll———Saki Bombs

5.Freebirds——-Corona “don’t fruit the beer”

6.Study Hall——Mixed drinks and a prairie fire for Toby

7.Saigon Express–Pitchers

8.Sam’s To Go—-Pitchers

9.Gio’s————Pitchers and Flip Cup “We are the Champions”

10.Deja Vu——–Beer


12.Dublin’s———Shots of Jack+a three wise-men shot for Toby (John, Jack and Jose)

By the end Toby was gone.¬† We started at 1pm and finished around 8.¬†¬†Toby passed out, I took a nap with a forty in my hand and the night went on.¬† woke up, played beer pong for the rest of the night and invented a word with Jory.¬†¬† “Crunklebunk”, also “Crunklebunked”, can also be spelled Krunklebunked.¬†


Ask Jory what it means. 

The next day I headed back up to Chico.¬† Mike’s parents gave me a ride to Martinez, and I was great to talk to them about sports on the way up.¬† Mike’s mom¬†know more about football than most guys I know.¬† Go Mrs. Acuna!¬†¬† It was really cool of them to do that.¬†

Lastly, I’m all about Peace in the Middle East, the Shins, Carmel, the 1881, and moleskine.

¡Le cogeré en el flipside!

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