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The Best of Whats Around


Really don’t


like writing


whole lot this time.

Congrats to my Cousin Amy Lerseth and her husband Brian.

She just recently gave birth to twin boys.

I wish their family the best.


They must be the proudest parents. It gonna be “active” in a couple of years in that household.

And here are some other frames I’ve made over the past year, including some recent ones in DC.

Red Line. open your eyes. DC, Summer 2007.

crippled homeless man. DC, early morning. Summer 2007.

Brian almost caught this one. The river,Chico CA. Spring 2007

Boston, near City Hall. Spring 2007.

Morning cleanup crew. DC. Summer 2007.

The “boot”. I mentioned this in an earlier post this year. Early Spring, 2007.

Players that win the game drink beer from the boot in celebration. most get sick soon after.


This photo almost got me arrested.

Notice the cop walking towards me.

I didn’t see him, so he ran after me down the street, and forced to show ID, where he called in my information to be put into a database.

I fully protested, stating that photography was not a crime, which it is not, nor it ever should be, and he told e that times have changed.

He may be right, but that still makes him a complete tool. It was a damn shame.

Had he asked me for my card I would have resisted, and then we would have had a real problem.

What happened wasn’t right, and I hope something changes soon.

Ben Franklin famously said “Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety”

I could not agree more.

I am not a terrorist. Photography is not terrorism.

moving on.

construction site. DC. Summer 2007.


DC imitating Gotham City. Summer 2007.

bridge.jpg Bridge near Adams Morgan/Zoo. DC. Summer 2007.


Union Station, DC. Summer 2007.


Clay Lightfoot. DC. Summer 2007.


Dog on a piano. Virginia Tech. Spring 2007.

More from VT and a Humboldt camping trip next time.

Live Your Life.


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14 mm

Before I left school,

I applied for membership in Canon Professional Services (CPS).

to get it, I had to prove I worked for a publication, and fill out a couple of forms.

They have a two day turn around on repairs,


and here’s the kicker,

they let you rent any lens and body they make, if they have it in stock.

Its like getting presents twice a month.


The first piece of equipment I decided to rent was the 14mm f/2.8L

and all of the photos that follow will be through that lens.

Its a beauty of a lens, and wide as hell.

I love it.



Sunset on the Potomac, Jefferson Memorial on the left. DC 2007.

Pat Donovan at his Maryland residence. 3200 is lame. 2007.

Union Station. DC. Summer 2007.


Man falling out of seat on the metro. DC, Summer 2007.

Dead celebrities. Office of Printing and Engraving, DC. Summer 2007.


Leftovers. Union Station, DC. Summer 2007

Dark sunset, Washington Monument. DC, Summer 2007.

Flagpole sitta. DC, Summer 2007.


Miss Martone. Return trip from Pat Donovan’s place. Red Line. Summer 2007.

Miles Lavin, esquire. DC, Summer 2007.


spectrum.  Union Station, DC. Summer 2007.


Self Portrait w/14mm.  My pad.  DC. Summer 2007.
Jeffersonian glow. DC, Summer 2007.

Remember. . .
Live Your Life.

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My Name Is jonas.

There is a funny quote from the Movie, “Orange County”

“A writer? What do you have to write about? You’re not oppressed. You’re not gay.”

said the Father in the film to his son Shaun.

Radical or as politically incorrect as that may seem, his dad had a point.

Shaun had grown up rich in Orange County, what he possibly have to struggle with.

It is the notion that if you have all of your basic needs taken care of, you only worry about existential things.

Terrorism, Global Warming, Asteroids, Nuclear Holocaust, and robots or something.

Shaun life, in his father’s terms, was supposed to be perfect because their life was financially secure.

But, from watching the movie, it was pretty obvious that everything was not peachy in Orange County.

His older brother was an unkempt, portly doofus, his mother a drunk who married an invalid to have money, his girlfriend a PETA animal freak, his father a snippy hollywood douche, his best friends were bro-bros, and he had a man crush on Kevin Kline.
The point is, and this is what Shaun found out, that most of the time you only need to look around yourself to find inspiration. The situation that he knew, especially the people he lived around, were all needed. He didn’t need to go somewhere to find himself, Shaun just had to realize that inspiration has right there at home.

He hadn’t even sold out yet before he figured out a great lesson in life.


There is a pursuit.

in the attempt to find something,

it doesn’t even have to be tangible;

an idea perhaps, or a state of being, even a feeling, or an expression.

The ancient Greeks had the Muse.

Newton had the apple.

Picasso had the world he saw around him.

Hemingway had booze.

We all have hope.

It is what it is.

anyway. . .

I feel that bands trying to make it have much more incentive,

much more purpose,

a self-driven attitude to change their lives through music.

or at least experience something different.

but there is a point,

when a not just a band,

perhaps a group of collectivized individuals,

reaches a junction where motivational sources change.

and the results are obvious.

Incubus, Talib Kweli, the Beatles, Fatlip (crack), Elvis, The Get Up Kids, Atmosphere, Bob Dylan (when he became evangelized), Weezer (this one really hurts), Madonna (every 11.7 seconds), and many others I’m too incompetent to name. I wanted to consult Josh Pressman or Matt Craig on the subject, but I decided to go on alone.That’s why I only named mainstream groups/people.

It is the causes that are subject to debate.

From a fan’s perspective, and depending on the results, worst case scenario is the band’s new album sucks, but you can still rely on the old stuff, and they will play the good stuff half the time at a concert.

Well, that’s not always true.

A band can change so radically that you have to redefine your own personal definition of the band; what they stand for, who they are, what they sound like, and even if you like them anymore. And then the music changes for you.

Its rare, but that is how I feel about Weezer.

There will always be the perfection of the Blue Album but,

more than 10 years later, I feel cheated.

as a fan, Weezer and Incubus have failed me.

They failed to live up to my expectations, to deliver another epic album

so maybe the problem lies in my perceptions of musical artistry;

but I don’t buy that, there is a reason they call it potential in the first place.

I will always cherish the Blue Album, Morning View, and Make Yourself.

The perspective I have about bands not living up to potential in this case is subjective, but this is my blog and in the words of a famous Santa Barbarian, “I do what I want!!!!”- The Jory

So in hindsight, I on one hand have deep admiration and respect for these bands,

but are wrought with disappointment on the other.

Is it fame, money, mediocrity, “writer’s bloc,” or just plain indifference?

or all of the above, I don’t know, just wanted to bring it up.

“My Name” might be jonas, but I sure don’t look the same.

oh, and listen to Ice Cube:

“Gangsters don’t dance, we boogie”

and now some frames.

DC, in full effect.

Don’t ask the President to do long division on the spot.


Cheering the Commander in Chief. Heritage interns at the Memorial Ceremony.
Checking people in to the Victims of Communism Memorial Ceremony

Had to do the night time tour of the monuments. Which is a great idea, but on the night we decided to go, it was pouring rain. Still had a great time though.

Lincoln Memorial.


Hands down the best memorial in DC, just what it stands for, really gets ya. You can stand on the exact spot where MLK Jr, gave his “I have a dream” speech, and look out onto the mall. I just had to take a moment to reflect at that time. Pretty moving stuff.


I really have a love for that place.

Haven’t gone to the top of the Washington monument yet, but I will.

view from in front of the capitol, near General/President Grant’s Memorial.

We also went to the zoo, which by the way, was not as cool as LA zoo or San Diego’s. Even though they have Pandas.

The zoo was a sociological experiment, I have to say. Kids and couples.


I’m convinced that this is where South Park got the idea for the MonkeyFishFrog joke. (above)

never knew who was watching who.

I love the Metro. A little hot and humid, but so necessary.

Union Station, sleeping lady.


red line, DC. my friend J got me sprung on subway photography. I’m all about it in DC.


gotta love the seersucker suits in this town, I want one so bad.

Went to the Capitol for a tour this week. Apparently, the statue of Liberty would be able to fit inside of the rotunda and have room to spare. It was pretty cool to walk down the same halls as John Quincy Adams, Abraham Lincoln, Henry Clay, and many others. Also to stand in the spot where honored Americans have lain, like Rosa Parks and Ronald Reagan.

It’s just great to soak in all of the history of America, no better city than DC for that.

interns in route.

an MP4 and shorts? kinda sends mixed signals if you ask me.


just going for a run.


they take requests, and donations. When my girlfriend comes into town, I already know the song I want them to sing for her. got it covered.

At the Victims of Communism Memorial.

Miss Martone, a fellow Heritage intern on the blue line.

painted on the back of a truck displayed on The Mall.


at a reception for young leaders in DC, this is the famous Jay Eberle, esquire.

also at the young leaders conference. musta been something crazy.

On a funny note, I just saw the greatest dating website commercial.

There is a guy in front of a white background, and he’s reading a playboy, turning the pages, looking at the centerfold. after about 5 seconds he closes the magazine, looks at the camera and says “nope, still gay.”

Then he gets stamped as rejected by and walks away.

great stuff.

and I leave you with the President.


catch you on the flipside, now lets see if she canfleye.


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West Coastin’

About a month ago I finished finals.

Packed my things

and left Chico

I had a really nice trip planned

to see some family and friends


Santa Cruz

Pebble Beach

Santa Barbara




it was a great little trip

wish I could have made it longer

but those I didn’t see

on the way down

I will hopefully see on the

way up.

here are some images from along the way.

this is MARSHALL, my little cuz, and his dad Brian.


I also met up with my Uncle Lou, who drives a Morris Minor these days.  Don’t feel like explaining it so just google it, it’ll be worth your time.


We had just picked up his dog from Petco.

In Santa Cruz, I met up with Fabi and Jenny, good friends from way back.

They live in an amazing part of the city, and we spent the better part of two days either driving around the cliffs, or drinking.

They had a fun social group, I felt pretty at home in SC. savy.jpg

Jenny on the right, the young lady’s name on the left eludes me.  nice glass.

Jenny’s hermit crab.  Lets call him clarence, even though that most likely not his name.
Fabi’s room.  much dancing there was.


love it.

After Santa Cruz I headed down to see my lovely cousin Suzie.  I took a few frames of her driving the very same Chevy she drove in high school.

She even let me drive it, its quite different zen ze audi.  handled like a damn tank, but man did I feel good driving that car.

The car suits her so well, she knows everything about it too.  But the transportation she really likes is her  Harley.  Love that she cruises on a hog.

oh, and she would want to say “God Bless America”

so there it is.

This story will continue at a later date, I just want to put this out.

ENJOY this lasty one, I did.

Hail to the Chief.

For those Dena heads, check out my shirt.  That means you Kyle.

Catch ya on the flipside.

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The Vice Issue + Fight Night

First off, I want to congratulate my best friends Matt Craig, for his acceptance into THE intern position (meaning there is one ONE) at VII photo agency (check it out), and Julius Metoyer, who is graduating from Emerson in a couple of weeks, then heading to LA to shake up the world. 

They are both on their way.  And they both deserve everything they have achieved.

Again, congrats gentlemen.

And on to the blogging. . .

The Orion entertainment section decided to run a special Vice issue a couple weeks back.

They concentrated on the 7 deadly sins.








For each of these aforementioned sins came an article.

I picked up the pride and sloth articles.

For some reason, sloth was about salons, or people who have other people do things for them.

Pride was about tattoos.




She was getting the snake redone.


Bar-B, the main piercer at Alley Tats.


About to pierce the tongue, they mark the dot with a pen, clamp down and have at it..


I went to the place I usually get my hair cut, and my main damie Hilda (who cuts my hair) was down to have some pictures taken.


This week was also the start of the Farmer’s Market, every Thursday the city of Chico shuts down Broadway street and hols an open air market. The event draws about 10,000 people every week.

Most families attend to let their kids enjoy the festivities. Bounce houses, food, entertainers, and others family oriented activities are there for the children to enjoy.



This mother and son were enjoying the new chess table facilities at the park. They used wood chips and leaves for pieces.


This is also an event that all of the pre-teen and teen kids and Chico can go to hang out with their friends. You can see all sorts of high school kids, from the “I want to smoke cigs in public” type, to the “I can’t wait to graduate and go to Chico State” to even the “I wish I wasn’t here with my parents” group.  At some point in our lives, we were all there.  Most of us just aren’t from Chico.

Just can’t wait to grow up, get pregnant and develop a substance dependency.


Anyway. . .

This week is Fight Night in Chico.

The Orion did a profile on a guy who is 4-o in previous fight night fights. I was lucky enough to get the assignment.  He ended up being 5-0 in a close fight decided by a point or two.









Catch ya on the flipside.

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I’m Not A Hokie; my experience at Virginia Tech

I am not a Hokie

But after my experiences here the past few days, I understand those who are proud to be one. Virginia Tech is not just a school; it is a way of life.

The best thing about this school is it unflinching, unwavering spirit.

School spirit, human spirit and everyone’s spirit.

Since this university is a football school, I offer a way to really never forget your fallen students and teachers.

Retire the number 32 for all sports teams.

Hang a jersey from each respective sports area of play, be it field, gym, or park, and display it with the same pride shown this past week. What better way to remember them than have the memory of those lost on Monday, April 16th permanently active in every home sporting event from here on out.

Remember their lives not just in pictures, memories and in your hearts, but on the field, every down and in the huddle every game.

Sometimes you just have to write your own history.

I am not a Hokie

But after what I have seen this week, I sure want to be.

David Flannery – The Orion, California State University Chico.

This was a letter to the Editor/Column I wrote for the Collegiate Times, Virginia Tech‘s Newspaper.

These are just a few of the people/things/events I saw at VT.



During the weekend, a local group wanted everyone who came to leave their mark. They chose the name, “Hands that Heal” and gathered 1500 plus people hand prints, including my own. I chose green.


This lady, Annette Peck, an Alum from 88′, came with her family to give support and pay respects.


Her two children flank her as she decides where to put her print.


John Baldwin, a native of Blaskburg VA, created Hands that Heal in order to visually show the kindness of strangers. His hands were quite colorful.


The group set up in front of the World War II Memorial on the drill yard.


A lady at the War Memorial.


War Memorial from the front.  All the names of VT students/alums that died for their country are displayed here.




Names of the departed on a message board.


Part of the makeshift memorial.


People became quite emotional at this memorial. 32 stones were placed in a semi-circle around the lawn. At each of these stones, personal items, pictures, flowers, poems, clothes, flags and many other things were placed to identify and honor the victims.


On Monday, April 23rd, there was a ceremony to honor the memory of the 32 victims. Students carrying white balloons stood at each respective persons memorial stone. The School Bell, was rung once for a long moment of silence, and then 32 times for each of the victims. The bell was not rung for the killer, contrary to some broadcast media reports.


The balloons were released, and so were people’s emotions. I tried to be as respectful as I could.


He found it too hard to look at the ceremony, and grieved privately.

On another note, we were able to interview an American Icon, Nikki Giovanni, Poet Laureate of Virginia Tech.


Her poem, “We Are Virginia Tech”, became the rallying point for the school.

Here is an excerpt:

“We are Virginia Tech.

We are sad today, and we will be sad for quite a while. We are not moving on, we are embracing our mourning.

We are Virginia Tech.

We are strong enough to stand tall tearlessly, we are brave enough to bend to cry, and we are sad enough to know that we must laugh again.

We are Virginia Tech.”


Her knowledge and vocab are incredible. She could also relate things to us that we wouldn’t normally understand.


I loved that she had posters of Tupac and Prince. I overheard her say that Tupac was the true embodiment of MLK Jr’s message for our current times. I didn’t have the time to ask her about that one.


When we asked about teaching the killer, Cho, she froze up and because of legal reasons, could not talk about it.


I’m glad to have met her, she kind of put the whole thing into perspective for me.


We also followed a tour around the school. Even after the tragedy, high school students were coming to see the campus. On our tour, not one person asked about the massacre.


Students prayed in a circle outside of West Ambler Johnston Hall, where Cho, started his killing spree on the 4th floor, murdering two VT students.




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Shipping up to Boston, Emmitt Vickers, and Teenieboppers

I recently went to Boston for Spring Break.

It was cold.

Not just the west coast, “I’m chilly”  type.  But the miserable, “I gotta wrap myself up in a friggan’ cocoon or I’ll die” kind of cold.

Also not a popular “spring break” destination.

Most people go to Daytona, Cancun or other places near the beach.

Someone told me, “People don’t vacation in Mexico for spring break, they rent Mexico”

I thought that was pretty true.

So I left Cali (which was having perfect weather) and arrived into Beantown for one of the largest snowstorms in a couple months.

At first I loved it.

It was a life change. I’m not used to the snow and cold, so initially I was stoked that I was in Boston and it was snowing outside.

I walked around, got acquainted with Boston and the weather.

That was great for a couple of days, but during my 12 day stay in Boston, I began to understand why my friends don’t like the snow/rain.

For starters, waiting for the T in the rain and the snow is the worst.

Nothing I did in that city was worse than that, nothing affected my happiness so negatively as that.

Also, I experienced “wet snow” and it felt like it was snowing and raining at the same time.

That sucked.

But other than that, Boston was amazing, I went to a lot of bars/pubs, met some incredibly brilliant individuals, and brought the movie, “Funny Games” to the East coast. Most of my Days were consumed by street photography, I walked around Boston for hours upon hours, soaking in the charm of New England, if you can call it that.

I got to hang out with my best friends for almost two weeks, I’ll take that over a weekend in Cancun any day.

Shout outs, to the Sweetwater crew, the chick at the pool place, not paying for the T, Falafel King, Julius’ roof, Ronnie and his crew, Jen K,

Julius came to pick me up in a Zip car, an hourly rented car, a Mini none the less.


It started to snow on the ride back too.

Props to him for that, he really needs to go with the R32 though. Its just better.


I mostly shot with film, so I’ll have to wait a while to get those back from the Lab, trust me, there will be a huge upload one of these days.

I can’t wait.

anyways, the few shots I liked from Boston.


-Italians in the North End-

I mostly saw dapper businessmen and street hustlers, as well as the normal foot commuter: the average residents of Boston living the everyday life. People kept asking me if I thought that people from California were more laid back than their East Coast counterparts.

I said yes every time.
“Everyone’s laid back, but no one can sit still” Slug describing Los Angeles.

That pretty much sums it up.

Its probably because we don’t have to ride the T everyday.

I can’t imagine having to do that; they get packed, hot and humid in the summers, and people do smell those things up pretty quickly. Everyday for years would be too much.

When I got back to Chico, I immediately started to work on stuff for the Orion. The next stuff is an assignment for our features department about recreation alternatives for senior citizens. They did all sorts of activities that were both fun and engaging, from stretching to Nerf hockey and balloon volleyball.


-stretching with yarn-

The fellow I focused on was Emmit Vickers, an old pitcher from Florida.

here he is.


Emmitt was trying to impress all of the younger ladies from Chico State that came as a class to help the older adults. He wanted to show them what a real man looked like, and those were his exact words.






I really enjoyed meeting him.

Here are two from a Battle of the Bands I shot.

*Note- all these kids are around 15 years old.



And lastly, a random shot of Chicago.


I’m gonna have another upload real soon.

Catch ya on the flipside!

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