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Shipping up to Boston, Emmitt Vickers, and Teenieboppers

I recently went to Boston for Spring Break.

It was cold.

Not just the west coast, “I’m chilly”  type.  But the miserable, “I gotta wrap myself up in a friggan’ cocoon or I’ll die” kind of cold.

Also not a popular “spring break” destination.

Most people go to Daytona, Cancun or other places near the beach.

Someone told me, “People don’t vacation in Mexico for spring break, they rent Mexico”

I thought that was pretty true.

So I left Cali (which was having perfect weather) and arrived into Beantown for one of the largest snowstorms in a couple months.

At first I loved it.

It was a life change. I’m not used to the snow and cold, so initially I was stoked that I was in Boston and it was snowing outside.

I walked around, got acquainted with Boston and the weather.

That was great for a couple of days, but during my 12 day stay in Boston, I began to understand why my friends don’t like the snow/rain.

For starters, waiting for the T in the rain and the snow is the worst.

Nothing I did in that city was worse than that, nothing affected my happiness so negatively as that.

Also, I experienced “wet snow” and it felt like it was snowing and raining at the same time.

That sucked.

But other than that, Boston was amazing, I went to a lot of bars/pubs, met some incredibly brilliant individuals, and brought the movie, “Funny Games” to the East coast. Most of my Days were consumed by street photography, I walked around Boston for hours upon hours, soaking in the charm of New England, if you can call it that.

I got to hang out with my best friends for almost two weeks, I’ll take that over a weekend in Cancun any day.

Shout outs, to the Sweetwater crew, the chick at the pool place, not paying for the T, Falafel King, Julius’ roof, Ronnie and his crew, Jen K,

Julius came to pick me up in a Zip car, an hourly rented car, a Mini none the less.


It started to snow on the ride back too.

Props to him for that, he really needs to go with the R32 though. Its just better.


I mostly shot with film, so I’ll have to wait a while to get those back from the Lab, trust me, there will be a huge upload one of these days.

I can’t wait.

anyways, the few shots I liked from Boston.


-Italians in the North End-

I mostly saw dapper businessmen and street hustlers, as well as the normal foot commuter: the average residents of Boston living the everyday life. People kept asking me if I thought that people from California were more laid back than their East Coast counterparts.

I said yes every time.
“Everyone’s laid back, but no one can sit still” Slug describing Los Angeles.

That pretty much sums it up.

Its probably because we don’t have to ride the T everyday.

I can’t imagine having to do that; they get packed, hot and humid in the summers, and people do smell those things up pretty quickly. Everyday for years would be too much.

When I got back to Chico, I immediately started to work on stuff for the Orion. The next stuff is an assignment for our features department about recreation alternatives for senior citizens. They did all sorts of activities that were both fun and engaging, from stretching to Nerf hockey and balloon volleyball.


-stretching with yarn-

The fellow I focused on was Emmit Vickers, an old pitcher from Florida.

here he is.


Emmitt was trying to impress all of the younger ladies from Chico State that came as a class to help the older adults. He wanted to show them what a real man looked like, and those were his exact words.






I really enjoyed meeting him.

Here are two from a Battle of the Bands I shot.

*Note- all these kids are around 15 years old.



And lastly, a random shot of Chicago.


I’m gonna have another upload real soon.

Catch ya on the flipside!

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Major Upload, Private Moments


 It has been quite some time since I have been able to sift through all of the photos that I took and/or developed over break.

 Lets recap:

  • Stormtroopers for the Rose Parade
  • Governer’s Inauguration and Ball (will upload later)
  • Family Christmas (will upload later)
  • the 1881
  • Early assignments for the Orion
  • Other misc Chico photos

I really don’t have any rhyme or reason to the order of the photos, I’m just going to publish whatever comes to me, so note that these aren’t chronological in any way.

I want to start off with a couple of frames I got a a buddy’s birthday recently.  He turned 19, and had a pretty darn large party with plenty of alcohol to make it last.  People were playing beer pong for hours until the DJ got the open air dance floor going with some Nor Cal/East Bay Music.  Basically it was all Mac Dre and E-40.  I might have heard Nickatina and some Tupac, but the “THIZZ NATION” definitely represented. 

Represented HARD.


They were out to control the dance floor.  They did. 

Thizz nation?  OK. 

But really fellas, what’s with the glasses/goggles?

I guess it really doesn’t matter if it makes you happy.

These next two seemed pretty content with themselves.


Nice guys.  stay classy.

And here is the birthday boy.  He had a pretty good night.


So here is my roommate Cody.  He wanted to get a tattoo in remembrance of his late infant cousin and his late friend.  This frame ran in the Orion, for a “Developing Chico” segment in the paper.  It’s basically a small portion of the Features section that showcases a standalone piece of work from the photography department.  I liked the expression on his face, he never winced from the pain.


Over Christmas break I went with my buddy Matt to photograph an entire division of stormtroopers.  George Lucas was named Grand Marshall of the 2007 Rose Parade and Bowl game, so as an escort, what could possibly be better than 200 something fully suited stormtroopers. 

To these uber fans from all over the globe, apparently nothing.

To these people, this was a chance of a lifetime. 

I doubt they got to actually to meet Lucas in person, but simply getting to live out the dream was enough to get these fans to practice four days straight for the parade.

The only day out of the four they practice that I attended was an informal dress rehersal, so I never got any shots with them in full gear, but I think these do justice.

Here they are spacing themsleves in formation.


It was funny watching them learn how to march around corners.  These are people who own thousands of dollars worth of action figures and still hang out in comic book stores, not military personnel.


And on the left is the lucky schmuck who was chosen to be Darth Vader. 

I wonder what the interviews were like for that.

“So what qualities do you have that best exemplify an ruthless imperial Sith Jedi leader?”

Riiiiiight. . .


I had found this roll of 35mm film that had to be at least 10 years old last summer, and I was really curious to see if it would still be good.  I dunno, it looked kinda beat up on the outside, and hadn’t been kept in the best conditions so I tried it out.

This is what I got.




I was pretty darn pleased.

This next one is from a while back, May 1st, “MAY DAY” to be exact.  I guess it was on a roll of film that I didn’t get developed until recently.  I really dig this one.


On a different note, I know this guy named Lupe.

Lupe is hardcore.

Lupe doesn’t have health insurance.

Lupe had an accident.

Thank God Lupe is hardcore, or he’d be up a creek or drowning in debt.

He was on the job, and injured himself.  He cut an inch and 1/2 slice into his leg with a box knife. 

However, he couldn’t afford to go to the hospital so he had to fix it on his own.  He gathered cleaning supplies and Krazy Glue.

Krazy Glue?

Yep, Krazy glue.




That’s how Lupe rolls.


He played basketball the next day too.

Speaking of basketball, I have a couple of frames from a game I shot for the Orion newspaper.




Well. . .

that’s all for now,

Σύλληψη εσείς στον ανόητο flip-side!

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Semester’s End

I went to my last statistics class today.

My last one ever.


Thought I was done with math in high school.

I was wrong.

In other news, I recently got a job as a staff photographer for the nationally renowned school paper, the Orion.  Its gonna be hard work, but I knew that going into it.

As of right now, I’m scheduled for the most time consuming/challenging semester of my life.  With 20 units, learning a new language, and working at the paper, I’m going to find out what it means to really have no spare time.  It is what I want, I’m not the victim of circumstance because I chose them.  I want to see how well I can perform maxed out. 

We’ll see how long that lasts.

Here are some older photos from all over the place.  I really like them, but for whatever reason, I  decided not to post them at the time.  I guess some photos take time to grow on a person. 

Boston last year, in the spring time.





Frisbee golf with my friend Chip.


An Isla Vista sunrise.


Until next time.  I should have a lot of film to upload over the break, so who knows what I could in those rolls.   An early Merry Christmas if I don’t post until after the new year.

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Tattoos, Cops and Astro Parties

First I wanted to shout out to all the people who read this.

All two of you.

 Thanks and Welcome. . .


Just wanted to post some older stuff, because I feel bad for not posting every week.   I really want to have more time to shoot more, that’s why I applied for a position at the Chico State’s  paper, The Orion. This semester is just too busy.  Maybe spring 07 will be better. 


This is Chris.  He traveled all the way to San Diego from Chicago in a couple of old cars to make a new life for himself.  Not knowing anyone, Chris and his band mates lived out of tents and cars for months, all the while holding down jobs and small gigs. 

He now attends Chico State University, and swears that he would rather be a bum in California then live through another winter in the Midwest.  So he took a chance and made it to college.  No longer in the same band, he is pursuing a musical career, in production most likely. 

Best of luck to him.


the police.  coppers. the 5-0.  pigs.  the IVFP.  foot patrol.  the man.  cops. . .

There they are, stealing another keg from students.  bastards.  The thing I questioned the police about when I shadowed them for a night was about the crime rate.  The IV Foot Partol(Isla Vista) tried to explain to me that the main problem with crime around the UCSB student area were mostly alcohol related. 

I disagreed.

During the late 1980’s and early to mid 1990’s, UCSB, along with other major party schools were seen as out of control.  Student deaths, rape, lower grades and bad reputations were severely hurting these major institutions, especially the state and federally funded schools.  So, in an effort to increase competitive enrollment, as well as re-establish themselves as prestigious learning institutions, they implemented a well funded crackdown on “binge drinking.” 

There are only two schools in the state of California that receive state funded yearly $100,000 grants to combat the problem of binge drinking.

UCSB is one.

Chico State is the other.

So far it was worked, well, at least for UCSB. 

In 2004 alone, UCSB had two faculty members win the Nobel Prize, one for Economics and the other for Physics.   That puts the schools total at 5 Noble Prize winners since 1998. 

They  now average around 50 million in private donations, great for a school that was once considered simply a party school.  They are headed in the right academic direction, if only they could be making such strides in the extracurricular and societal matters.

The reason I disagreed with the police about alcohol being the cause of the crime in the city was based on research the Daily Nexus did. 

The paper came up with crime statistics over years since the grants were given.  What it showed was that most of the money went to providing money for extra police during the Halloween weekend. 

One weekend out of 52.

Most of that money went to pay the cops for overtime.  Seriously?

While Isla Vista crime dropped over the Halloween weekend, arrests went up.  Mostly the drunk in public variety, a victimless crime, but others rose as well.  However, serious crimes have risen over the rest of the year in direct disregard for the money that is being spent to protect the people. 

Crimes like rape, assault and battery, burglary and grand theft have risen over those years.  My untested hypothesis is that because IV is run by the Sheriffs and is not a sovereign police force, the lack of funding and actual detective work has contributed to the rise in serious crimes. 

Because the police concentrated on binge drinking, they really narrow the scope to which they see crime.  They are trained to look for different things, they assume things, and they really don’t respect people rights.  You could say that for most cops, especially with the reputation Los Angeles has, but most students are not criminals.

The IV Foot Patrol really needs to understand why the students hate them so much.  The hate has to come from somewhere.  Almost everyone has a story that happened to them or someone they know where a cop treated someone unfairly. 

It just happens, and most of that fault is on the students, because they love to bitch and complain but are too damn lazy to mobilize and create a watchdog organization to police the cops. 

It is the cops taking advantage of the indifference of the student population that bothers me. 

It needs to change.  Or students need to accept it and stop the whining.


On the cliffs of UCSB in the Spring 06.  I really miss that place.


This photo was made possible by Terence, the letter J and ideas.


I went to a star gazing party a while back.  It was cool, there were many different kinds of telescopes set up at different objects; like stars, galaxies, the moon and Saturn.  It was one of the coldest nights I can remember, because it snowed the next day in the mountains to the north Santa Barbara.  

That was nuts. Snow in Santa Barbara?  It happened, I was there.


I had never seen anythings through a telescope before, I felt like a little kid seeing things for the first time.   I had a great time.


That tower in the photo was an old Monastery that was sold to a school.  They light it up from the inside at night.

And I’ll leave you with a sunset from Chico, California.


Till next time.

Attrapez-vous sur les surgeons de flipside !

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