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Days of Summer

Gonna drop one on ya.

just a little bit.

just ta see if you like it. . .

right Caroline?

a few tips first.¬† ūüėȬ† pun intended.

wake up earlier, its rewarding.

listen to CRS, Justice, Air, Cinematic Orchestra, Portugal The Man, and Rogue Wave and Jose Gonzales.

drink less.

drink more. who was I kidding?

Watch Weeds, The Office, Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia, The L Word, and of course, Entourage.

Keep up on current events, balances you and keeps you from being a zombie to one aspect of your life. 

Screw it, watch anything HBO has to offer. Especially in the next five years.

Go to Vegas at least once a year.

explore the outdoors around you,

investing in a DVR or TIVO is like diversifying your life portfolio.

ride a bike or walk if you can. LA is the exception.

Never give homeless people money.

Give them food,

gift certificates to someplace they can get food,

or give them your attention.

Not all problems can be solved with money.

but what do I know.

here are some frames ya little rascals.


Thanks Erin.




Missing DC a bit. or at least the friends I made there. Be back at the end of Oct.


Miles Lavin everybody.


Playing softball in front of the capitol was amazing.


played with a former Congressman, Rep. Istook.



. . .

real mature Rondell. . .

Now for some VT deep cuts.








That place changed me for the better.

Now some hometownchicoshots.

















“I get by with a little help from my friends” – Ringo Starr.


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Questions! and Countdowns?

Just want to get back on the horse and broadcast some things.

some old debates, some ridiculous questions;

Can you sweat in space?

What is “real” cheese?

How are the likes of Jimmy Kimmel and Carlos Mencia still on the air?

jimmy is a cheesedick and carlos is a hack no-talent ass clown. but they also make more money that I do so who the hell am I but a talking box of common sense and good taste?

So here are the two great ones:

both involve animals.

1.Would you rather get attacked by an Eagle with a baseball bat, or a baby elephant with cleats. swallow that one down.

2. Who would win? A Grizzly Bear or a Silver back Gorilla? Power V. Resourcefulness.


feel free to post answers or reactions, I actually want to know about the people who read this blog.

lets make it interactive.


oh, and I might be able to get to some photos later.

So. . .

Here I /we go:

You can’t sweat in space because you can’t exist. next.

real cheese come from dairy not a factory, oh and happy cows. moving on.

And I would like to get some good input/ arguments for the 2 big ones.

Here are the top musical lists, I’ll get to other things at a later date.

My top 5:

Musical Artists that had the greatest influence on my life

5.Counting Crows


3.Red Hot Chili Peppers

2.Led Zeppelin


Top 5 Albums

5. Led Zeppelin IV- Led Zeppelin

4 MTV Unplugged- Alice in Chains

3. Morning View- Incubus

2.Blue Album- Weezer

1. Animal Magic- Bonobo

Top 5 Songs (in terms of Influence)

Honorable Mentions-

*Under the Bridge- Red Hot Chili Peppers

* Aqueous Transmission- Incubus

5. Juicy- The Notorious B.I.G.

4. Castles Made of Sand- Jimi Hendrix

3.My Name is Jonas- Weezer

2.Silver- Bonobo

1. God’s Bathroom Floor- Atmosphere

Top 5 Hip Hop Artists

5. Outkast

4. Fugees

3. The Pharcyde

2. Notorious B.I.G.1. 2pac

That one also answers the questions Biggie V. 2pac and Pharcyde V. Fugees.

Top 5 who are no longer with us

5. Marvin Gaye

4. Jim Morrison

3. Elliot Smith -really miss this guy.

2. Bob Marley

1. John Lennon

Top 5 Classic Rock

5. Jimi Hendrix

4. Fleetwood Mac

3. Bob Dylan

2. Led Zeppelin

1. The Beatles

That’s about enough for now.

So I have a grip of photos from last summer that I’m just gonna lay on this update, hope you enjoy.

Lightning storm over NYC, view from the Dalei in Brooklyn. great times at Craig and P’s place.

Lemme take you back to Boston. . .

Hello jm3, it was cold as shit that day. bone-chilling cold.

Love the S series in the snow. lu lu luuuuuuve it.

North End, Union Wharf, Boston. Spring 2007.

View from J’s roof, would have hated to be that guy. Boston, 2007.

This is a special graveyard. . . ūüôā Boston, 2007.

Back to NYC.

My spot at the oval in Central Park.

This guy was all about his dog, they ran around forever.

Good Ol’ fashioned stickball, true NYC culture.

Brooklyn Angels.

It really is that green.

and that really is a dead rat on Ten Eyck Street, Brooklyn NY. This is my homage to jm3. shit on the ground.

somewhere in the village, NYC. jeeezus. . .

Speaking of the village, here is one of hipsters. nuff said.

Loved using the 24-70. I need one. eventually.

Matt modeling the Red Alert Fall line of shades.

The end of a great day.

Ground Zero.


back to Brklyn.

Her- “I think the Shins don’t get enough credit” huh? whatever, she was cool. and P is. . . well he’s just P.

Rob “red alert” August in all his glory

two tall ass mofo’s.

So I leave you on a happy note. One ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Hope you enjoyed, I’ll have another up soon.

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Tattoos, Cops and Astro Parties

First I wanted to shout out to all the people who read this.

All two of you.

 Thanks and Welcome. . .


Just wanted to post some older stuff, because I feel bad for not posting every week.¬†¬† I really want to have more time to shoot more, that’s why I applied for a position at the Chico State’s ¬†paper, The Orion. This semester is just too busy.¬† Maybe¬†spring 07¬†will be better.¬†


This is Chris.  He traveled all the way to San Diego from Chicago in a couple of old cars to make a new life for himself.  Not knowing anyone, Chris and his band mates lived out of tents and cars for months, all the while holding down jobs and small gigs. 

He now attends Chico State University, and swears that he would rather be a bum in California then live through another winter in the Midwest.  So he took a chance and made it to college.  No longer in the same band, he is pursuing a musical career, in production most likely. 

Best of luck to him.


the police.  coppers. the 5-0.  pigs.  the IVFP.  foot patrol.  the man.  cops. . .

There they are, stealing another keg from students.  bastards.  The thing I questioned the police about when I shadowed them for a night was about the crime rate.  The IV Foot Partol(Isla Vista) tried to explain to me that the main problem with crime around the UCSB student area were mostly alcohol related. 

I disagreed.

During the late 1980’s and early to mid 1990’s, UCSB, along with other major party schools were seen as out of control.¬† Student deaths, rape, lower grades and bad reputations were severely hurting these major institutions, especially the state and federally funded schools.¬† So, in an effort to increase competitive enrollment, as well as re-establish themselves as prestigious learning institutions, they implemented a well funded crackdown on “binge drinking.”¬†

There are only two schools in the state of California that receive state funded yearly $100,000 grants to combat the problem of binge drinking.

UCSB is one.

Chico State is the other.

So far it was worked, well, at least for UCSB. 

In 2004 alone, UCSB had two faculty members win the Nobel Prize, one for Economics and the other for Physics.   That puts the schools total at 5 Noble Prize winners since 1998. 

They  now average around 50 million in private donations, great for a school that was once considered simply a party school.  They are headed in the right academic direction, if only they could be making such strides in the extracurricular and societal matters.

The reason I disagreed with the police about alcohol being the cause of the crime in the city was based on research the Daily Nexus did. 

The paper came up with crime statistics over years since the grants were given.  What it showed was that most of the money went to providing money for extra police during the Halloween weekend. 

One weekend out of 52.

Most of that money went to pay the cops for overtime.  Seriously?

While Isla Vista crime dropped over the Halloween weekend, arrests went up.  Mostly the drunk in public variety, a victimless crime, but others rose as well.  However, serious crimes have risen over the rest of the year in direct disregard for the money that is being spent to protect the people. 

Crimes like rape, assault and battery, burglary and grand theft have risen over those years.  My untested hypothesis is that because IV is run by the Sheriffs and is not a sovereign police force, the lack of funding and actual detective work has contributed to the rise in serious crimes. 

Because the police concentrated on binge drinking, they really narrow the scope to which they see crime.¬† They are trained to look for different things, they assume things, and they really don’t respect people rights.¬† You could say that for most cops, especially with the reputation Los Angeles has, but most students are not criminals.

The IV Foot Patrol really needs to understand why the students hate them so much.  The hate has to come from somewhere.  Almost everyone has a story that happened to them or someone they know where a cop treated someone unfairly. 

It just happens, and most of that fault is on the students, because they love to bitch and complain but are too damn lazy to mobilize and create a watchdog organization to police the cops. 

It is the cops taking advantage of the indifference of the student population that bothers me. 

It needs to change.  Or students need to accept it and stop the whining.


On the cliffs of UCSB in the Spring 06.  I really miss that place.


This photo was made possible by Terence, the letter J and ideas.


I went to a star gazing party a while back.  It was cool, there were many different kinds of telescopes set up at different objects; like stars, galaxies, the moon and Saturn.  It was one of the coldest nights I can remember, because it snowed the next day in the mountains to the north Santa Barbara.  

That was nuts. Snow in Santa Barbara?  It happened, I was there.


I had never seen anythings through a telescope before, I felt like a little kid seeing things for the first time.   I had a great time.


That tower in the photo was an old Monastery that was sold to a school.  They light it up from the inside at night.

And I’ll leave you with a sunset from Chico, California.


Till next time.

Attrapez-vous sur les surgeons de flipside !

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All Things Considered

I recently just reconnected with a band that had fallen out of my life.¬†¬†¬† For one reason or another, I had not listened to their music in a long stretch.¬† OK, were not taking Cubs World Series drought stretch, but it was a real long time if you consider that the band hasn’t been around for a very long time.¬†

Check them out, they changed the very way I look at music today.  No other musical group has ever jerked my eyes open with such creative force as these four West Texans have.

On that note, I have recently rekindled old friendships of people I never thought I would ever see gain;¬† people from my trip to Lourdes, France summer before last (o5′).¬† Thanks for getting in contact with me Miss¬†Jen Larsen.¬† A significant amount of time has passed since that August, and I am glad to be talking with these people.¬† The power of Facebook is amazing.¬† It makes myspace look like a red-headed step child’s own creepy little¬†red-headed step child.¬†

sorry if I offended any gingers out there.


This was the West Coast Crew for my youth pilgrimage to Lourdes.  I went with the Knights Of Malta (of which my grandfather is a Knight) and these awesome people. 


I wanted to show a few shots from my trip to Lourdes, I never got a chance to show anyone them.¬† They are from summer 05′.¬† westcide for lyfe.¬† we are so not cool.

So I hope I can get these pictures to reach the people in the above photograph.

Here is the Holy Sanctuary and Sacred Baths of Lourdes.


There are so many churches, chapels, Cathedrals in this very small town.  The river running through it is a big part of what makes it so special.  A local girl named Bernadette in 1858, while walking alongside the river, saw an apparition of the Virgin Mary.  She would continue to see the vision for most of 1858, and it would speak to her.  It told her many things, including to dig in the dirt drink the water and eat grass. 

I know that sounds ridiculous, as most people of the day thought, but she did.  The vision told young Bernadette to dig under a rock she pointed to, and from under that rock a flowing spring came forth.  The Holy Mother then told Bernadette to tell people to come and wash in it waters. 


And from then, Lourdes became a place of pilgrimage.¬†¬†¬†People of all Religions come to Lourdes to take part in the healing properties of the spring waters.¬† Baths were built so that people could become immersed.¬† I was fortunate enough to work in these baths on two occasions.¬† It was one of the best experiences of my life.¬†¬† We worked in teams; some¬†one¬† in each team had to speak French, Italian, English, Spanish and German.¬† Luckily I also spoke American, South African, Irish, Canadian and Australian.¬†They don’t allow any photography near, in or around the Baths, so if you want to know what its like you will have to go yourself.¬†


Lourdes is a very old town, dating back to before the Romans controlled the region.¬† There is a large castle from the 800’s which is said to have been conquered by Charlemagne himself.¬† A whole boring legend ensues and invloves a vision and an eagle, blah blah blah.¬† Is it set at the foot of the Pyrenees mountain range that borders Spain.¬† Having a small population, the town hosts over 220 hotels.¬†

Because over the years 200+ million people have visited Lourdes, there is a large Gypsy population that beg for a living.¬† We were advised by the Church to not give any money to anyone begging in Lourdes no matter how depraved the looked.¬† It is because if you wait till the day is over, and follow them to the outskirts of town, you will watch then get into a Mercedes-Benz and drive to their house in the country side.¬† That’s how the Gypsies work; in large teams at the corners where the most foot¬†traffic goes through.¬† Because the Catholic Church is so obviously intertwined with the city, it takes care of all the sick and poor in the city, so essentially there should be no one begging for meals or shelter, because they are provided for free by the church.¬† I didn’t really get any pictures of them, because they get really pissed and will chase after you demanding money.¬† They take advantage of all the good¬†and charitable people that flock to the city.

There is a “pilgrimage economy” that sustains the town in months when the grotto is closed (during the snow season) by catering to the millions that come each year.¬† When I went, the maximum amount I was able to see at one time in one place was about 200,000 to 300,000¬†people.¬† I still can’t believe that many people filled the court yard to take part in the Ave Maria procession.¬†


This man above ran a shop that sold souvenirs to the pilgrims.


This shop obviously¬†sold mostly crucifixes.¬†¬† Many people lived here for the busy season, and lived somewhere else during the winter.¬† In talking with a lot of people that worked in the shops, I got a feel for the attitude towards foreigners.¬† They can’t live without them, there would be no reason to be there.¬† Everyone I met was nice, especially all of the Malades.¬† A Malade is someone who came to Lourdes because they were sick; that is, affected my an illness and needed the assistance of an organization to help them through Lourdes.¬† We would pick these people up at the train station at 6 to 11 am and put them onto buses, which would drop them off at the staging areas.¬† Because of the great volume of Malades, great organization and care needed to be stressed.¬† Some people were very old and frail, others were extremely ill and could afford no extra energy.¬†


¬†It was funny, at least to me, what I heard from the¬†others groups that did this along with us.¬† They praised us for our “American Efficiency, Speed and Effort.”¬† It was as if the French had¬†in a 100 years never figured out how to do the¬†job as well as we figured out in one day.¬† To all of us, that really meant a lot, because we really were trying so very hard to help these people.¬† We cleared out sections of the trains faster than any other group, not because we rushed, but because we used the good old Henry Ford assembly line idea to get these people of the trains faster, safer and happier.¬†


After a long days work, or trying to be cool, or¬†I really don’t know.¬† That is Taylor Scotto, one of the people I met on the trip.¬† He was great for a lot of us, sometimes we forgot to smile, and Taylor took care of that with a “eeeeeehhhhhh bonjourno.”¬† I hoped he learned how to really speak Italian, because that and “Mi Excusse” was all he knew.¬† I don’t even know if that last one even Italian.


We all got to know each other pretty well.  When you spend every waking moment with people, you tend to get to know them very well.  It has been well over a year and I can still remember conversations I had, especially with Jen, when we had free time.   It was great, getting the European experience, sitting a cafes and lounging at the rivers side and taking it all in. 


Amanda and Katie.

We saw some amazing things, we witnessed great things.   It was the faith of the city that rubbed off on us, and we each took different things away from the trip.


People lit candles in prayer for their loved ones or for places in the world that needed attention and prayer.


These last few are ones that I liked and just recently discovered.


and I will leave you with the airport.


I anyone reading this went on the trip to Lourdes, let me know what you thought of these, and please tell anyone else who went on the trip about this blog. 

I’m out, must go.¬† “And I say coolin’ ”

Thanks to Matt and Julius for actually reading these on a regular basis.


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