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The SB Bitches League Championship remains in SoCal for the 5th year

2010 champ

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Back Online. Maybe

So Hello,

After a very long break from blogging, and more specifically photography, I have decided that I want to return to share my images and reopen the dialouge that this page once fostered.

That being said, It might be a little while longer for me to get my camera fixed, so in the meanwhile i think I will shoot some film.

I hope everyone is well.


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WTF? Wasted Time Foolishly


That’s right. in the full effect.

Just thought I would open with a powerful image for once.


Gonna drop some images that I have shot this new year.


aiming high.

The next few are some of my personal fav’s from up there

the b-day boy.






More to come soon, been crazy busy as of late.


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