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Yukon Ho!

Alaska folks.

amazing scenery out there.  not very populated. i went on a cruise in early August 06′ to the wild of Alaska.  I had never been on a cruise before so I really wasn’t sure of what to expect.  blown away.

the service, the activities, the casino, the food and the drinks.  everything was beyond what I thought it was going to be.  I at least never could have imagined it was going to be that fun.  We went on the Holland America line, which is kinda for older people and there families, people just like us.  the grandparents sprung for this trip, and hooked it up with the suites.  each room had a huge deck with chairs and tables to sit at and watch the thousands of miles of nature we passed.  It was one of the best trips I’ve ever been on.

everyday I woke up to room service, grabed a robe and ate breakfast in a new scene.  I just sat casually eating a bagel and drinking coffee, watching orcas swim with the boat, or passing by glaciers as I woke to the day.  We got to go rock climbing, dune-buggy riding and hiking through the wilderness. we even saw wild bears up close on two different occasions. really nothing in my life has been like that.

these towns that the ships would dock up to were kinda suspect.  they had mostly stores for tourists, the town depended on these ships for 95% of their economy.  Skagway, one of the towns we visited normally had a pop. of about 800.  when all of the ships would pull up the town would burst up to 10-15 thousand.  the 800 that normally live there rely on the tourist season for most of their income, then go on welfare for the rest of the year.  and to top that off, they live through some of the toughest winters known to man. 

hard knock life. 

but they do it.

 rock climbing


my back porch

on the ship, a majority of the workers call the Philippines or Indonesia home.  i came into friendship with one in particular, Bambang.  he was our waiter, and we got to talking one night about his job, where i learned that he is on the ship for one year at a time.  he works every single day on a ship. no breaks, not even one. he has a wife and two kids by the way.  He told me that the money was way better than what he could be making back in Indo so he has to make sacrifices.  all jobs have sacrifices, pros and cons we weigh.  his are just more extreme than others.  good man he is.

michele and the family


on the bus

all terrain vehicles



great trip with the family.  good times. sure beats not going on a cruise. 

I was talking with my friend Lindsey this week about Alaska and my family trip and for some reason fly-fishing came up.


she said that she thought fly fishing was fishing for flying fish.  kind of reminds me of that story about a fish tornado.  but that’ll have to wait for another day.

that’s all i gotta say.


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