Beercan Beach, and a warm San Francisco night

For the killas and the hundered dolla billas

for emo kids, who have too many feelings.


just wanted to write that down, I guess.

Well, Here is part two of the film

that I had developed recently.

I thought that I had taken more shots

as we floated down the river.

But I guess I only took about five.

I guess I was more drunk than I remember.

So the day started out, 9 am picked up a 30 rack, and some whiskey,

headed to frosti’s and stated drinking at 10.

picked up the ever so crucial breakfast burrito,

which to 35 minutes to make? wtf.

we headed to this bikini bash party, which were all the photos from the previous post.

The had a band, then a dj, security, and a foam dance area.  we (the group of about15 of us) drank there until 1pm and then loaded up onto buses, almost got in a fight, and waited for days to get down to the river.

once there we blew up our rafts, tied all of them together with rope, and headed downstream. 

The rest is hazy, but my photos tell the story somewhat.

Everyone floats down to this huge sand bar called Beercan beach, and then parties for the rest of the day there.  This is over the Labor Day weekend celebration, but any hot ass day in the summer will get tons of heads out there.














-randoms, but this could be any woman in this town.  kinda sums this place up.




San Francisco, for Craig’s B-day with Bonobo.




 j live and the place to be.

 Bonobo was dope, except for he d.idn’t play the one song we wanted to hear.  Morgan talked his way on stage, which was crazy, but he talked some photog into giving up his camera so Morgan could take pictures of Amy on stage.  wow, it was just a perfect moment in the night.

 Also got to hand with Andy, Jon Cerdon and Roxy, so overall it was a great weekend.


We went to a love festival called “Power ro the Peaceful,” so SF, and full of hippies.

 I met a ninja.  those shoes help him climb trees and make less noise.  julius has a good story about a wolf, ask him about it.


 thats a katana in his hand.  I asked if it was a hatori hanso.  he wasn’t sure.



 this was absolutely hilarious.  there was a line of about 30 hippies giving people high-5’s as they left the area.  Julius gave them all pounds.  pow sucka! love it.



 then we went to a Dodgers game at PacBell Park in SF complements of Amy Calfas’ parents.  Thanks again.


and I leave with a shot of my pops.


 till later.

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