Taking Liberties

It is the small things

that fall into my day that make me happy.

Rain in Baltimore.

Seventh Avenue.

9th and pine.

Its December now.

random thought. I wonder is the SEC in college sports will ever have a north division.

I got promoted. Who’s gonna be the photo editor at the Orion. . .

THIS GUY! (points both thumbs to chest, then realizes how douche that was, and takes a nap.)

anyway, that’ll be Tony the Tiger great, and I hear the writers strike is coming to an end, cuz that has to do with anything.

It was the best of times (no Jimmy Kimmel) and the worst of times (no Daily Show).

I want introduce an friend of mine from DC.

If ya ever wanted to learn about how the gov’t is controlling our minds with help from aliens and the Vatican, check out His Blog– his name is Peter Bis and he would be more than happy to explain everything to you.

Oh and for those in the DC area, simply go to the Heritage Foundation and out front everyday from sun up to sun down you will find Mr. Bis. hook him up with some spare change or some food, he’s a good man.

well, without further adieu, he is Peter Bis, former boyfriend of Diana Frances Spencer, and former Lawyer from Michigan, and my friend.







Check it out.

The rest is for the G’s with the 40’s and the chicks with beepers.






Here are some shots of the 5 freeway on my way back to Chico from LA the Sunday after Thanksgiving.



I took these standing in the middle of the 5. dead stopped.

Here are some frames a Catalina trip with my Dad.


Catalina Harbor.


in Avalon.



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  1. love that first portrait of peter blis!

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