Olde stuffe

I am now a resident of our nations capital, Washington D.C.

never seeing myself as an east coaster, I now have taken up the task of maintaining west coastness, to which I am aptly prepared.

have my dodger cap

my fierce love for Kobe and the Lakers

my uncomfort nature with humidity

my love for the ocean.

and my attitude.

it will be a great 10 weeks.



the last thing I ate in cali was In-N-Out.  so bomb.

I just had about 20 rolls of film developed, from the entire last semester.

Chico, Alabama, Boston, LA, Pasadena, Virginia Tech and where ever else I went.
there will be a downpour of images on this here blog.

we will start with Bama’.


one of my cousins took this, and I like it, rockin’ the canon strap.

my cousin Jessica, She is the Director of Scheduling of the Governor of Alabama Bob Riley. This was taken at the Governor’s mansion, where he has a pool in the shape of the state of Alabama. It was under construction or something so I could barely see it.

Which brings me to my next point, I want a pool in the shape of California. done and done.


Grandma Early, who used to be a signer, still has a voice of gold. She is one of the funnest people I know.


Alabama State Capitol building, after the inauguration ceremony. state trooper.


and there is your token staircase shot. I still love it though.


These are the film (35mm)shots that I gathered while visiting Julius and Craig in Boston. “Getting boston in boston”

Gotta throw a shout out to my main damie JMIII for letting me use his old mac computer, I would not be able to do this otherwise. I wouldn’t be able to do it too.

Here are some of my favorites.

I just like this next one because it makes me remember how awfully frigid it was that day. you can see it in my face.

that was also the day i decided to shave everything but my upper lip. Yes, I had an Adam Morrison for about 3 or 4 days. I got some funny looks. oh and thank god for matt’s collection of available alpaca scarves, so necessary.

transportation in the park.

some walk, some use a segway. whatever floats your boat.



walked down this street everyday while I was there. loved to people watch here.

I was taken by the steam pipes, something that we just don’t have on the west coast.

This next guy was an ass.

He rode right up to me and did a skid in my face. he got his though, oh boy did that old man get his.


by the river.

here we have ben.

can’t have Boston without Ben Franklin.

the Lakers are better, the celtics missed out this year and Kobe is a “G”. that’s just it.

and this last one is me owning some good ol’ boys in Boston.

gotta love the guy on the right. and the fact that they were all wearing black leather gloves.  it was pretty cold.

sb sunset

That’s all for now. peace.

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