The Vice Issue + Fight Night

First off, I want to congratulate my best friends Matt Craig, for his acceptance into THE intern position (meaning there is one ONE) at VII photo agency (check it out), and Julius Metoyer, who is graduating from Emerson in a couple of weeks, then heading to LA to shake up the world. 

They are both on their way.  And they both deserve everything they have achieved.

Again, congrats gentlemen.

And on to the blogging. . .

The Orion entertainment section decided to run a special Vice issue a couple weeks back.

They concentrated on the 7 deadly sins.








For each of these aforementioned sins came an article.

I picked up the pride and sloth articles.

For some reason, sloth was about salons, or people who have other people do things for them.

Pride was about tattoos.




She was getting the snake redone.


Bar-B, the main piercer at Alley Tats.


About to pierce the tongue, they mark the dot with a pen, clamp down and have at it..


I went to the place I usually get my hair cut, and my main damie Hilda (who cuts my hair) was down to have some pictures taken.


This week was also the start of the Farmer’s Market, every Thursday the city of Chico shuts down Broadway street and hols an open air market. The event draws about 10,000 people every week.

Most families attend to let their kids enjoy the festivities. Bounce houses, food, entertainers, and others family oriented activities are there for the children to enjoy.



This mother and son were enjoying the new chess table facilities at the park. They used wood chips and leaves for pieces.


This is also an event that all of the pre-teen and teen kids and Chico can go to hang out with their friends. You can see all sorts of high school kids, from the “I want to smoke cigs in public” type, to the “I can’t wait to graduate and go to Chico State” to even the “I wish I wasn’t here with my parents” group.  At some point in our lives, we were all there.  Most of us just aren’t from Chico.

Just can’t wait to grow up, get pregnant and develop a substance dependency.


Anyway. . .

This week is Fight Night in Chico.

The Orion did a profile on a guy who is 4-o in previous fight night fights. I was lucky enough to get the assignment.  He ended up being 5-0 in a close fight decided by a point or two.









Catch ya on the flipside.

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