Shipping up to Boston, Emmitt Vickers, and Teenieboppers

I recently went to Boston for Spring Break.

It was cold.

Not just the west coast, “I’m chilly”  type.  But the miserable, “I gotta wrap myself up in a friggan’ cocoon or I’ll die” kind of cold.

Also not a popular “spring break” destination.

Most people go to Daytona, Cancun or other places near the beach.

Someone told me, “People don’t vacation in Mexico for spring break, they rent Mexico”

I thought that was pretty true.

So I left Cali (which was having perfect weather) and arrived into Beantown for one of the largest snowstorms in a couple months.

At first I loved it.

It was a life change. I’m not used to the snow and cold, so initially I was stoked that I was in Boston and it was snowing outside.

I walked around, got acquainted with Boston and the weather.

That was great for a couple of days, but during my 12 day stay in Boston, I began to understand why my friends don’t like the snow/rain.

For starters, waiting for the T in the rain and the snow is the worst.

Nothing I did in that city was worse than that, nothing affected my happiness so negatively as that.

Also, I experienced “wet snow” and it felt like it was snowing and raining at the same time.

That sucked.

But other than that, Boston was amazing, I went to a lot of bars/pubs, met some incredibly brilliant individuals, and brought the movie, “Funny Games” to the East coast. Most of my Days were consumed by street photography, I walked around Boston for hours upon hours, soaking in the charm of New England, if you can call it that.

I got to hang out with my best friends for almost two weeks, I’ll take that over a weekend in Cancun any day.

Shout outs, to the Sweetwater crew, the chick at the pool place, not paying for the T, Falafel King, Julius’ roof, Ronnie and his crew, Jen K,

Julius came to pick me up in a Zip car, an hourly rented car, a Mini none the less.


It started to snow on the ride back too.

Props to him for that, he really needs to go with the R32 though. Its just better.


I mostly shot with film, so I’ll have to wait a while to get those back from the Lab, trust me, there will be a huge upload one of these days.

I can’t wait.

anyways, the few shots I liked from Boston.


-Italians in the North End-

I mostly saw dapper businessmen and street hustlers, as well as the normal foot commuter: the average residents of Boston living the everyday life. People kept asking me if I thought that people from California were more laid back than their East Coast counterparts.

I said yes every time.
“Everyone’s laid back, but no one can sit still” Slug describing Los Angeles.

That pretty much sums it up.

Its probably because we don’t have to ride the T everyday.

I can’t imagine having to do that; they get packed, hot and humid in the summers, and people do smell those things up pretty quickly. Everyday for years would be too much.

When I got back to Chico, I immediately started to work on stuff for the Orion. The next stuff is an assignment for our features department about recreation alternatives for senior citizens. They did all sorts of activities that were both fun and engaging, from stretching to Nerf hockey and balloon volleyball.


-stretching with yarn-

The fellow I focused on was Emmit Vickers, an old pitcher from Florida.

here he is.


Emmitt was trying to impress all of the younger ladies from Chico State that came as a class to help the older adults. He wanted to show them what a real man looked like, and those were his exact words.






I really enjoyed meeting him.

Here are two from a Battle of the Bands I shot.

*Note- all these kids are around 15 years old.



And lastly, a random shot of Chicago.


I’m gonna have another upload real soon.

Catch ya on the flipside!

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One response to “Shipping up to Boston, Emmitt Vickers, and Teenieboppers

  1. really love that portrait of emmitt vickers.. the first and last are really strong. its also cool to see school papers doing actual feature stories not central to the university.. real journalism!!

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