I’ve been pretty busy as of late.

Actually, I’m at the Orion right now editing photos.

It is almost 11pm, and I’m still here. (I wrote this at different times)

Don’t get me wrong, I really like working for the paper, it’s just that some days are busier than others.

Anyway. . .

I wanted to upload some recent things I have done for the paper, some were published, some were not.

I have :

  • Bowling
  • Lacrosse
  • the old pool at Chico State
  • Baseball
  • The Chico City MLK Jr. statue celebration
  • SpotNEWS

Here they are.

I went a took some frames of a local bowling league. This was the only one I gave to the paper.

I might upload a few others later.


Old Chico State Pool.


I traveled with the Chico Lacrosse team all the way to Novato (near Marin, north of San Fran) to play their first game of the season.

I spent a good amount of time (14 hrs) getting to know the players and the coach.

They were funny guys, always cracking jokes. Maybe that’s why the coach was pissed, a little lack of focus among the squad.


This guy had a special “good luck” shirt.

It says “Fuck Cal Poly”.



They fought for a trophy called “The Boot”.

Every time Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and Chico State get together for a match, they compete for an old trophy called the boot. Its similar to the trophies college football rivalries have, like the “gauntlet” between USC and UCLA.

The boot is a relic from the early 1980’s, most likely some players old cleat. No one really knows how it came to be, but it symbolizes both teams biggest rivalry and most important game. So they don’t just play to win, they also play to possess the boot.

When a team wins back the boot, or retains the boot, the following day the team will gather and drink their first beer together from the boot. Last time Chico State had the boot was two years ago, and most of the players got sick after drinking from the old shoe. It’s one serious rite of passage for a club sports team. But I think it is the little traditions that make life interesting.

The boot.


Its a simple Nike cleat with a handle, about as basic a trophy as you can come by, especially these days.

Unfortunately, Chico did not win the boot. They lost a rain soaked, penalty plagued, grudge match 9-6.


This was the first and most important game of the season. Some guys took it really hard.


The game was a great experience for me. I learned a lot about sports photography, and I got to know the team really well. I figure if I can go to all their games I’ll keep getting better pictures because they will be come comfortable with my presence.

I was supposed to shoot a men’s rugby game, but they moved the game to Sac town and our writers didn’t tell us. So after looking around for the game, I just covered the Baseball team instead. Apparently the team is ranked #1 in Division II; they are 12-0 right now.



For this next assignment, I was called out of class. I wouldn’t have gone except for the fact that it was my backpacking class, so my teacher was understanding and just told me to show him the photos later. He’s a pretty mellow guy.

I went to a local park to cover the commemoration of a new statue in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. On a cool little side note I went to his church in Montgomery, Alabama when I went to the inauguration with my family a little more than a month ago.

Anyway, the Chico community commission had been lobbying for this statue for a while, and Monday the 19th of February (President’s Day) was the day in which they unveiled the statue.

The community rep, the previous mayor, and the current mayor were all there to celebrate their collective efforts.


All day people walked up and admired the community’s new memorial. There was also a 4 hour festival celebration with guest speakers and all types of performers from the community.


Even the little kids went to read the inscriptions.



This guy was pretty moved by the statue.


These were cultural Vietnamese dancers. They pretty much had all ethnicity’s represented at the event.


My personal favorite group, The “wee force” are a hip-hop dancing group for little girls ages 4 and 5.




There was also an older dance group, “Full Force” that went on after the kids.


The rest are just some of the people I met who were watching the event.

These two. Funny guys, hooked it up with the chronic BBQ beef sandwich.



People with dogs.



This guy was a leader of Chico’s Islamic Community. He was a pretty funny guy, making some well timed jokes, and obviously cared about issues in the Middle East from the pamphlet he held in his hands.


It was a windy day, and this little gal was getting help with her kite.


This last assignment came as I was in the Orion during lunch. Some guy ran a red light going around 40 or 50 mph on his Kawasaki bike, and nailed a huge industrial truck as it was entering the intersection.

Witness said he blatantly ran the signal, and went airborne as he hit the truck. Then they noted that he started convulsing until paramedics came to the scene.

Traffic was stopped going both ways on the Esplanade when I arrived, and the motorcycle rider was already in the ambulance.


He ran directly into one of the wheels on the truck, and part of his bike looked like shrapnel that his the truck. It looked pretty bad.


Cops were all over the scene, they were investigating fault and the criminal nature of the motorcycle riders actions.




We learned that he is in critical condition as I write this. (9:53pm Tuesday Feb. 20th). I hope he recovers and learns to be not so damn reckless. People shouldn’t have to die this way.

Catch you on the flipside.



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