Hey There:

For starters, if you aren’t involved with P.I.S.W.M.U. you should be.  Contact yours truly for more information on the group that is taking over the west coast.  Canada is next on our list. 

 Anyway, this past week, I did a buddy a favor by agreeing to shoot some band photos.  AFICTION is the name, and rock-a-doodle-do is their game.  They like to rock the local party scene, and record most of their stuff in the basement.  good stuff guys.
Here are some of the shots that I gave them.


This is Chris.  Cool guy, he’s the guy with the tat in the post right below this one.  Funny individual. 


These are the other three.  can’t even remember any of their names, I need to get better at remembering people names.  I’ll never forget a face, even if I meet someone just once, but with name, I’m worthless.


the band, AFICTION.


the guys all wanted the “stair shot”, so here it is.


Funny.  I told the guys to jus tbe themselves.  This is what I got.  So true.


The bald guy is the lead signer.  cool cat.  I’m really glad these guys had a sense of humor, it kept the pressure off of me.  I had never done band photos before and was a little uncertain about how they would turn out. 


I like this one a lot.  I grew up in LA, for I never saw sight like this in fall.  Palm and Oak trees don’t change color, so I’m all about the leaves changing. 

 Until Next Time:  Je vous attraperai sur le flipside.

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