What Happens in Vegas. . .

Las Vegas.  the real city that never sleeps. 


James did.  but for only one hour from wed to sat.  wtf. 


We went to the MGM Grand for Matt Craig’s 21st. 


The Duke and the Duchess put us up and took us out to an amazing dinner celebration.  They brought a 1979 vintage Cab for all of us to drink at dinner.   It was aquired around the time Matt was born and stored in the basement for 21 years. The only catch was that the bottle weighed in at 4 gallons.  They had the manager pour it for us, it came to around 4 or 5 carafes.  The best steak-wine combo I’ve ever had.  and to top it off, for desert the Duke gave us all a $100 chip to have fun with.  Much respect and gratefulness go to them, thanks for making that trip happen.

Then the debauchery began.


3 days later I tried to remember what I did and to be honest I could not remember much.  I do know that I had fun, spent 4 days with my best friends, and found my new playground.  The swings were over rated anyway. 

Unfortunately I only managed to take pictures in the room. 


I wish I could tell you everything we did, because I actually wrote all of it down.  But as they say: What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas.

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  1. excellent summation 😉

    lets keep the stories under wraps for a while eh.

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