Baby Talk

say this to a foreigner.

“I can’t stand to sit down.” 

they won’t get it.  the English language is a very convoluted language.  you have to say “the” before everything descriptive, creating excessive word use in the spoken word and writing.  don’t get me wrong, English is great for songwriting and poetry, but when spoken in the same room as other languages it can come off as harsh.  to put it better I would say it is perhaps in the middle of the spectrum, with French, Latin and Arabic on the eloquent end, and German, Korean, and the Scottish dialect on the rougher end.

don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with these languages, they just come from a different part of the vocal chords, creating brash sounds. 

where English fits in, it falls to the center.  but the thing about the English spoken language that is far unlike any other language in the world, is the fact that so many people across the globe speak our language, as either a first or second. 

this allows for so much variation: English, New Yorker, Bostonian, South African, Welsh, Texan, Puerto Rican, Scottish, Irish, Scotch-Irish, Australian, West Coast (the purest form yet), Great Lakes dialect (don cha know), British-Punjabi, Tagalog (uses a lot of English is their actual language), and many others.  And then there are the people who learn English after they have become comfortable with another language.  Then come the kids.

Baby Talk.


Marshall Portrait

I spent a better part of the weekend with my cousins in Sacramento.  my oldest cousin Amy and her husband Brian have a little just over one year old. 

 playing with Marshall

Marshall is his name. 


they taught him to use a simplistic form of sign language for basic commands.  this helps the baby express himself specifically what he wants instead of just crying.  it is genius.  he commands for “hungry”, “thank you”, “no more”, and others.  it really helps his parents out a lot.

he likes to walk around poking his belly.


we spent the day playing with Marshall, and it was great to start to be a part of his life.  just kind of followed him around, taking pictures here and there.  He is a great kid and the first in the next generation for my family.

hanging out

Next stop, Vegas Baby.  MGM, and Vegas.  Till next time.



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2 responses to “Baby Talk

  1. Amy

    David – These are awesome! Thank you so much for taking them and sharing them with us. Your photography is just amazing! Can’t wait to see it and you more.

    Love you,

  2. Megan

    David…your work is amazing! Can’t wait for more entries. Love you much, megs

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